Maximize Your Ohio Tax Dollars By Supporting CMS

Taxpayers can receive dollar-for-dollar nonrefundable tax credits up to $750 for single filers and $1,500 for joint filers for donations to scholarship granting organizations (SGOs). The State of Ohio allows you to “spend” some of the state income taxes you must pay anyway to provide tuition assistance for students seeking a Canton Montessori School education by donating to the Every Child, Every Family (and selecting Canton Montessori School)!
With SGOs, you have a voice in the distribution of the tax dollars you already pay. As a state-certified SGO, contributions to Every Child, Every Family directly benefit CMS students. Your contribution will be used to provide tuition assistance to a student in need. This is a win-win for Ohio taxpayer donors and our scholarship recipients.
** Please Note: It is suggested in the FAQs that those donating jointly should do two separate transactions of $750 in each individual name.