Meet Our Faculty

"The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, the children are now working as if I did not exist". -Maria Montessori

Toddler Program

Rachell Felder

Toddler Directress

Stark State College

Joined CMS in 2015

Krista Harp

Toddler Assistant

Perry High School

Joined CMS in 2018

Carla Turpin

Toddler Directress

North American Montessori Center, Infant Toddler Montessori Certification

Stark State College

Joined CMS in 2005

Tanya Barremore

Toddler Assistant

McKinley High School

Joined CMS in 2010


Pre-Primary Program

Bridget Ranalli-Friend

Pre-Primary Directress, Early Childhood Division Coordinator

Afternoon Kindergarten Directress, and Summer Directress

Xavier University, BA, Pre-K and K-3

AMS Pre-Primary Certification

IMSLEC Orton-Gillingham Certification & Certified Practitioner 2

Joined CMS in 2004

Jordan Jefferson

Pre-Primary Assistant

Joined CMS in 2023

Molly Zerrer

Pre-Primary Directress

University of Richmond, American Studies, BA

The Barrie School, AMS Pre-Primary Certification, Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies

Joined CMS in 2019

Samantha Moore

Pre-Primary Assistant

Stark State College

Joined CMS in 2014

Michelle Humble

Pre-Primary Directress

Cedarville University, BA

Joined CMS in 2023

Isaac Covington

Pre-Primary Assistant, Elementary Morning Care Supervisor

Hoover High School

Joined CMS in 2022

Kylie Rose-Lautzenheiser

Pre-Primary Assistant

Joined CMS in 2023


Kiran Badola

Pre-Primary Assistant

Penn Foster College, AZ; AS

National Institute of Fashion Technology, India; MA

ONGC Polytechnic, India; Diploma

Garhwal University, India; BS

Joined CMS in 2022


Elementary Program

Stephanie Liotti

Lower Elementary Directress, Elementary Division Coordinator

Kent State University, BA, Art Education

North American Montessori Center, Lower & Upper Elementary Montessori Certifications

Joined CMS in 2010

Kim White

Upper Elementary Directress

Barry University, MS, Montessori Elementary Education, AMS Elementary I & II Certification

Bowling Green State University, BS, Elementary Education

Joined CMS in 2019


Kelly Chandler

Lower Elementary Co-Directress

Kent State University, MA, Therapeutic Recreation/Special Populations

Kent State University, BA, Exercise, Leisure, and Sport

North American Montessori Center, Early Childhood & Lower Elementary Certifications

Joined CMS in 2015

Ami Adams

Intervention Specialist

Muskingum University, MA, Intervention Specialist

Malone University, BA, Middle Childhood Education

Joined CMS in 2022

Co-Curricular Program

Charlotte Engohang

French Language and Culture Instructor

Kent State University, BA, French Literature, Culture and Translation

Joined CMS in 2019

Taylor Bond

Musical Theater Instructor

Kent State University, Communications

Joined CMS in 2017