The CMS Middle School program will allow students in grades 7-8 an environment to learn at their own pace and partake in educational opportunities designed to prepare them for high school and everyday life.

Middle School students will engage in a well-rounded curriculum focusing on experiential learning and collaboration with peers and adults. The Montessori programs teach the whole child and help them grow into thoughtful and impactful members of society.

The CMS Middle School program will feature:

  • Foreign language options
  • Community service experiences
  • Collaborative class overnight field trips
  • Small class size

Within the CMS Middle School environment, the goal is to help students find their place in society. Our work is to support each learner's unique needs, interests, and talents as they transition to adulthood. Our Directress guide students as they explore their unique gifts and interests and how they might utilize them to contribute to their community.

The Middle School program will focus on providing students:

  • Meaningful, authentic work
  • An emphasis on service learning
  • Creating a classroom environment that meets the developmental needs of adolescents
  • Providing challenges that promote self-discipline and reason
  • Giving opportunities for both independent and collaborative work