Testimonial #2

“There is no greater feeling than being completely confident that your your child is receiving the absolute best care while you are away from them. The directresses have been nothing but caring and compassionate with all 3 of my children , and have gone out of the way to accommodate my toddler daughter who has autism. They have welcomed her therapist into the classroom with open arms, and have been so caring in transitioning her into being separated from me in the mornings. I feel so at ease knowing that the directresses truly care about the students and they are able to give them all so much personal attention.

My older two children who are in lower elementary are so much happier and excited for learning than they were in traditional school. They are so excited about learning new things , and as a parent I am astonished at the programs that are offered and the things they are learning. We are so thankful that our children have the opportunity to learn in such an enriching , comforting environment. CMS is truly teaching children to be confident , caring , productive members of society.” – Megan K