Testimonial #3

“There are several reasons we chose to send our boys to Canton Montessori School. Both of my boys have loved being at CMS since day one. The environment is perfectly conducive to their learning. My oldest had trouble leaving me during the first few weeks. During that time, as hard as it was to leave him, I always trusted he would be cared for and treated the same way as I care for and treat him at home. The educators at CMS are attentive, caring, knowledgeable, and work hands-on with the students. The classrooms are full of interactive activities that promote imagination and learning. The students are taught life lessons on respect, accountability, and responsibility.

It’s hard to pick one reason that CMS stands out from other schools, because there are many, but if I had to choose just one, I would say- I trust the staff who are caring for my kids when I’m not there are doing so in the same ways I value at home- fostering accountability, responsibility, learning, and all the while remaining calm and nurturing.” – Marissa and Quinn P